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I love design. Design is Art but it has to work harder. Design must serve many masters…. function, budget, and of course, your aesthetics – what is important and beautiful to you. As a designer, I am practical first, but in the end, there must always be art.

Whether it’s an interior or exterior design, the work must connect to the deepest part of you. It must inspire you. It must give you a sense of well being and pleasure. Design is not decorating. It’s food for our souls. That’s what I believe. That’s what I work hard to achieve.


I work to simplify the design process for you each step of the way. Our first conversation can accomplish much. Once your requirements are clear, I can involve you as little or as much as you like. Some of my clients from out of the country prefer to have me act on their behalf; others like to be more involved. I am very happy with either approach.


I work with architects, home designers and builders at every stage of a project . Design, even in the earliest stages, can enhance a concept. As a designer, I am aware of your tastes, your furniture and paintings….I can bring your history to the design table in the beginning.

In the mid stages, I can help you sustain this continuity through the myriad of decisions that projects require. I hold the finished picture throughout the process. My clients find this helpful. And cost- effective. Often, a chair does not need to be the most expensive chair to express the architect’s concept. As the designer I keep this in mind always.


We live in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. With my training as a master gardener I have developed designs for exteriors & interiors that reflect the magnificent West Coast heritage in unique & interesting ways. It’s so important to connect with the world around us. It gives us a deeper sense of place.

– Patio & Pot Design
– Garden Rooms
– Rooms with a View
– Sculpture
– Landscape Artistry
– Specimen Planting


Often clients consult with me about important decisions in their work and life, I offer them this. “Know what inspires you.”

It has beautiful logic really. Our inspiration comes from the deepest part of ourselves. It reflects our most cherished values, the qualities that matter the most to us… It shows us what we stand for and what we love.

When we’re in touch with what inspires us, we have a compass, we know what to do, where our happiness lies. My clients often express their surprise as we work. What was once a difficult decision becomes clear. Life changes. That’s another part of the logic. Be inspired and you inspire others. It works unfailingly. It’s what I know to be true.


I create environments in Victoria B.C. and also have worked throughout Vancouver Island and the city of Vancouver.

I have collected a group of skilled artists and artisans whose work I respect.

As well, I have contractors and skilled trades people to recommend.

I am happy to supply references should you require them.


I have been very fortunate to be invited to participate in several local magazines like YAM, and BLVD – Check out the spreads!

YAM May/Jun 2012 – Modern Love

YAM May/June 2012 – Fine Dining

YAM Jul/Aug 2012 – Vintage in Vogue

BLVD May 2013 – Design Matters

YAM May/June 2013 – Serving Up Spring

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